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12 Oct Getting Started with your Wattbike

The Wattbike is more than just an indoor bike, it is a total training solution which combines the most advanced indoor bike with cutting edge digital technology and world class training support.

Follow our simple set-up tutorials to optimise your Wattbike experience and begin achieving your goals.

How to build your Wattbike

The first thing you’ll need to know, if you’ve chosen to have a boxed delivery, is how to set up your Wattbike

How to set up your Wattbike

Once your Wattbike is ready to ride, you’ll need to get yourself into a safe and comfortable position, this will help you avoid injuries.

How to connect a HR monitor to your Wattbike

To get the most from your Wattbike, we recommend training with a combination of heart rate and power. This video shows you how to connect a heart rate monitor to the Wattbike.

Understanding the Wattbike Performance Monitor

With the Wattbike Performance Monitor you can train, test and review your data all in one place. Watch this video for a simple guide on how to get started with the Wattbike Performance Monitor.

Getting your Cadence and Resistance Right

The Wattbike has two methods of resistance, air and magnetic, to create a real ride feel. Watch this video to discover how to use cadence and resistance during your training.

The Three Minute Test

The three minute test is designed to gives a benchmark level of fitness and can be used to estimate maximum minute power and maximum heart rate.

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