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Octane Fitness is the only commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to the development of elliptical cross-trainers. This focus produces the very best ellipticals and cross-trainers on the market.
Octane Fitness has quickly become the established leader in this highly competitive industry, showcasing exciting technology in standing, recumbent, lateral and incline ellipticals.


Octane Fitness has truly perfected the elliptical motion and is the best feeling, smoothest in the industry. Backed up by Summit’s after sales service, your facility will be a stride ahead of the rest.


Octane’s LateralX is the award winning elliptical machine that reinvents conventional cross training. The LateralX enables adjustable, lateral movement combined with a vertical stepping motion in multiple planes.
Exercisers can move up and down, forward and back and side to side – for incredible muscle confusion and conditioning – all on one elliptical cross trainer machine.
Research shows that exercisers burn 27% more calories and use 30% more of the inner and outer thighs on the LateralX moving from the lowest through greatest lateral width setting. The LateralX provides you with a greater return on investment in just one elliptical cross trainer.
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The XT-One will enable your facility to maximise space, versatility and excitement on your cardio floor with this all-in-one machine that does it all. The new XT-One – due out early 2016 – equips members to walk, run, hike or climb for customised workouts, all on ONE revolutionary machine.
With 10 incline levels, the XT-One offers exercisers a choice of hiking or steep climbing, which can be selected and changed on the fly during workouts to challenge different muscles and maximize endurance, strength, power and calorie-burning. Plus, Octane’s trademark SmartStride® interactive ergonomics replicate walking, jogging or running by automatically adjusting the stride length from 20″-28” based on an exerciser’s pace.

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