8 Series with Open Hub

Star Trac’s dedication to innovation has led them to search for new ways to offer the best user experience possible, and nowhere is the effort more evident than in their 8 series cardio. With four decades of experience and a history of innovation behind the 8 Series, it is sure to give you the quality and performance you expect from a high end machine with an all new level of functionality. Built in are the user focused features you have come to expect from Star Trac, like personal fans, a hot bar with heart rate  monitoring and Soft Trac® technology.


The 8 Series comes with a variety of new connectivity options in the form of the OpenHub console. OpenHubTM consoles provide entertainment, fitness tracking and asset management solutions. Give your members and staff the complete fitness experience by adding the new 8 series cardio with OpenHub to your facility.


Star Trac 8 Series console screen options
All console options are cross compatible with the full range of 8 Series Cardio Equipment.
Designed to suit any budget and facility requirement you can choose either the LCD Screen or an embedded touch screen in either 10″ or 15″ options.

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8 Series

E Series

Star Trac E series cardio treadmill

S Series

Since its inception in 1979, Star Trac has been a leader in developing innovative equipment for the fitness industry, focused on providing product,
programs and solutions to mold lifelong habits for health and fitness.
Its user-focused product innovations are reflected in the complete line of cardiovascular and strength equipment. Star Trac offers a
comprehensive product portfolio with varied features and multiple price points to meet the needs of any complete facility design.


Star Trac pride themselves on being industry innovators and have patented some unique features to the global fitness industry including the revolutionary cardiovascular Star Trac Coach® featured on Treadmills to strength innovations like Lock N Load®, an innovative weight selection system to the industry,
leading group exercise solutions like Spinning® and BoxMaster®. Star Trac continues to innovate and create products that differentiate.
Today, more than four million people in over 75 countries use Star Trac equipment daily, and facilities such as
Plus Fitness, Fitness First and Virgin Active have Star Trac inside the facilities here in Australia.

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