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Used by World and Olympic Champions, and chosen by UCI World Cycling Center
as their global talent ID and coach education tool, the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike
to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.


Use the powerapp to view your session data in real time on your Apple or Android phone or tablet
and save your session data to our free online cloud storage, the powerhub.
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Wattbike has been designed with British Cycling’s coaches and scientists to replicate the sensation of ‘real’ cycling and is the first factory calibrated static bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback. It is used by World and Olympic Champions globally – in almost every sporting code – but is equally suitable for use in health clubs, gyms, performance centres, spin studios or for cross training in any sport.
Wattbike Pro

Wattbike Pro $4,500 Ex GST and Delivery

The Wattbike Pro has a resistance range of 0-3,760 Watts and broadly has five endurance levels (Air Brake 1-5) and five sprint levels (Air Brake 6-10). The magnetic brake extends the resistance range and is useful for specific training of top sprinters.
If you are a track sprinter the Pro is definitely the bike for you. It is also ideal for Category 4 (male) and Category 2 (female) endurance cyclists and triathletes. At this level the Wattbike Pro offers the right combination of cadence and resistance range needed for effective training.
Wattbike Pro and Trainer Specs

Wattbike Trainer $4,500 Ex GST and Delivery

The Wattbike Trainer has a resistance range of 0-2,000 Watts and you can recreate almost every Wattbike Pro resistance setting using a combination of the air and magnetic brakes.
The essential difference is that the Wattbike Trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up Wattbike to everyone that the Wattbike Pro does not cater for. It’s also very useful for high cadence/low resistance exercise so will also suit high level track and endurance cyclists as well as children and general non-cyclists.


Watt Bike feature accuracy
The Wattbike is extremely accurate. The amount of power produced is calculated from the force applied to the chain through the cranks (sampled 100 times a second).
Each Wattbike is factory calibrated and is accurate to within +/- 2% over its full range.


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Endorsed by Cycling Australia, the Wattbike is a truly unique indoor bike.
Developed in a world class environment to allow everyone from complete beginners and fitness enthusiasts to Olympic and World Champions to experience the same ultimate training device.


Watt Bike Real ride
The Wattbike is the first indoor bike that actually feels like riding a bike. This is achieved by the unique air brake construction that allows the flywheel to keep spinning like the wheels on your road bike.
The Wattbike is also designed so that you can replicate the setup of your road bike exactly on the Wattbike.


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