Woodway treadmills
Slat Belt Treadmills by WOODWAY USA feature an original (internationally-patented) design that was developed
in response to conventional treadmill designs.
You will find Woodway treadmills inside 1000’s of elite sporting clubs, medical facilities, and clubs globally
along with inside facilities such as Virgin Active, Fitness First clubs throughout Australia.

Why Choose Woodway Treadmills?

See Why Athletes Performance Chose Woodway Over Any Other Treadmill Available Globally

Woodway treadmills have the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

The patented running surface is more efficient and lasts longer with less maintenance.

Woodway Engineers set out to develop a safe and comfortable running surface that also reduced the friction and wear associated with the conventional conveyor belt style treadmill.
To do this they started with a ball-bearing transportation system and then created an entirely new slat style running surface.


This combined system provides a running surface of 38-43 type A shore hardness, which was found by the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, Germany to be the ideal softness to eliminate the harmful shock to connective tissue, while not changing proper biomechanics of the runner.
Additionally, the low friction ball bearing transportation system alleviates the forces to all mechanical and electrical parts, resulting in less wear, less maintenance, fewer repairs, lower electric bills and an overall longer treadmill life.



Woodway Medical Equipment for summit fitness equipment


Woodway gym equipment for Summit Fitness Equipment

Who Uses Woodway

6x use woodway


Sydney’s 6x have designed 6 brand new classes around their Woodway Curves. Chosen to replace all their existing conventional treadmills, 6x were after high performance treadmills more suited to a person’s agility, strength and pace. Utilised in a class environment, the non-powered Curve is perfect, ensuring their clients safety jumping on and off during interval sessions, and getting to their peak, fast!
Virgin active using woodway

Virgin Active

Virgin Active have installed Woodway Curve’s throughout their facilities globally. Providing their clients with a high intensity interval solution powered entirely on human grit, this treadmill is the world’s first eco-friendly treadmill.
Fitness First use woodway

Fitness First

Fitness First’s innovative High Performance Club just launched in Collins Street Melbourne featuring 5 Woodway Curves in their high performance sprint track area.
Providing clients with a performance treadmill to increase endurance, strength and speed.
agoga use woodway


Situated in Sydney’s exclusive suburb of Bondi Agoga are a premium training studio, providing the very latest functional and interval training techniques from around the globe. Exclusively using Woodway Forefront as their treadmill offering, Agoga offer an array of high intensity sessions utilising Woodway.

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