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01 Oct Featured Client – Fitness First High Performance Concept Club

Fitness First’s High Performance Concept club opened it’s doors in Melbourne earlier this year.

The club is the first of its kind in Melbourne and has been going great guns since day one.

The club located on Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD offers a new and innovative training experience.

The Fitness First High Performance Gym has been engineered to deliver unlimited high performance experiences to make clients fitter, stronger, faster and leaner.

The high performance concept has been grounded in Exercise science and a philosophy of movement to unlock the benefits of training more like an athlete.

Fitness First’s National Equipment Asset Manager Mike Smith revels in changing the scope of ‘normal’ inside the gym by designing innovative solutions and researching new training concepts and products to better their clubs and enhance their clients experience. One look at Melbourne’s High Performance Club and it’s easy to see he has achieved exactly this.

Not only does the club have innovative and exciting equipment but they have also developed signature high performance group training classes, which promise to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Fitness First’s High performance club takes a three step approach to creating a dynamic fitness experience for it’s clients.

Step 1: Access – With the latest in fitness analysis technology Fitness First will measure a client’s fitness in multiple dimensions to identify current general fitness and goals as well as develop a personalised performance improvement program.

Step 2. Move – Now armed with in-depth knowledge about a client’s fitness potential the team will help put a clients performance into action.

Step 3. Progress – An athlete always has their eye on their next personal best, and at Fitness First High Performance they take the same approach with their clients training. Inspired by the principles of athletic coaching, performance coaches periodically re-asses client’s personal fitness goals. Using these insights into achievements they re-calibrate workouts to help and improve progress.

With outstanding success already behind them we’re sure to see many great things Fitness First High Performance concept club.

Club: Fitness First High Performance Club

Location: Level 1, 546 Collins St.
Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: 03 9222 2100 or [email protected]



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Cardio Theatre

Cycle Studio

Express Training


Free Weights

Loaded Weights

Group Exercise


Monsoon Shower




Steam Room






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