22 Jun StairMaster – The Climb To Spartan Success

StairMaster, the creators of the ‘toughest workout in the gym”, and Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing, collaborated on the development of an integrated Spartan Race Training Program for StairMaster’s Gauntlet cardio machine.

The new StairMaster Gauntlet Spartan Training Edition offers a customised Spartan training program and race experience to members of local gyms.

The Spartan Edition Training Program features six Spartan Race inspired training routines designed to push users through a demanding and varied workout.

The program gives users a chance to simulate different Spartan races, including the 5k Sprint, eight-mile Super and 12-mile Beast though it’s integrated console options as well as allow users to tackle similar elevation, distance and heart rate levels experienced during an actual Spartan Race.

In addition to the new cardio machine experience, StairMaster and Spartan Race will provide partner clubs with customised SGX training programs and marketing tools to attract Spartan athletes and encourage members to seek out personal trainers or build teams to train for their next Spartan Race.

Core Health and Fitness, the parent company to Stairmaster boast ‘Stairmaster Gauntlet as the toughest cardio equipment in the gym.’

The Spartan Edition Training program will offer a new workout experience for users and provides health clubs with an exciting training tool that is connected to one of the fastest growing lifestyle sports in the world. First of it’s kind the Spartan Training program will be a challenging and accessible first step in training anyone for a Spartan Race.

Spartan Race for 2016 kicks off in Sydney on 2nd April 2016, before heading to Melbourne on 4th June 2016 and Brisbane on the 3rd September 2016.

You can find out more about the Spartan race at www.spartanrace.com.au. To find out more about the StairMaster’s Gauntlet cardio machine visit ….. or call …..

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