Octane Fitness Zero Runner ZR8000
Zero Runner ZR8000Zero Runner ZR8000 With Cross CircuitZero Runner ZR8000 With Cross CircuitZero Runner ZR8000Zero Runner Smart ConsoleZero Runner Smart Console

Zero Runner

The Zero Runner offers the same great workout as the conventional treadmill, but without the pain or the additional costs of ownership.  Enabling virtually anyone to walk, jog or run safely and comfortably, the ZR8000 offers state-of-the-art design that replicates an exerciser’s natural form but eliminates the stressful impact.


Built with cutting-edge innovation, and without a belt, deck or cord, the Zero Runner revolutionizes the cardio floor and enables exercisers to maximize workout effectiveness while minimizing discomfort. Users can choose from 15 resistance levels and 11 workout programs to personalize intensity and stimulate better results.



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